Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pen Pals: The New Summer Fun

Kids have a knack for being bored even when surrounded by countless toys, video games, outdoor fun and more. To stave off the boredom blues, consider taking an old hobby and introducing it to a new generation. Encourage your kids to spend their summer break corresponding with a pen pal!

Make it fun and exciting by creating pen pal packets with them full of colorful stationery, unusual writing utensils and stamps that match their interests. And of course, no electronic technology is allowed. (Facebook is not a substitution for the art of letter writing.)

Encourage them to sit down and write a letter to grandma, cousins in another state or even a friend just across town. This exercise will teach them focus, contemplation and reflection, along with being a good handwriting exercise. They may even get excited about seeing the mailman just as much as they listen for the ping of a new text message. And, who knows? Their enthusiasm may even inspire you to write a note or two.

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